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Fällkniven FH9



Naturally, folding knives are not quite as strong as fixed blade knives and they are more expensive to manufacture since they contain several moving parts. Nevertheless, many prefer a folding knife, mostly because of the handy format and its considerably more discreet qualities, especially attractive in an urban environment. FH9 is in fact a folding knife for hunting, but we think that more user categories will like its slim design and natural function.

The blade is locked using a distinct front lock.


    • Steel: 3G.

    • Hardness (HRC): 62 HRC.

    • Edge: Flat Ground.

    • Handle material: Marron Micarta; Black Micarta.

    • Weight: 94gr.

      • Blade length (mm): 67 mm

      • Blade thickness (mm): 3 mm

      • Total length (mm): 158 mm

      • Total length, folded (mm): 91 mm

      • Locking: Lock Back

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