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Fällkniven FH9mopp



OK – we admit that this mother-of-pearl handled beauty isn’t the classic paint tin opener. Nevertheless, we hope that those who invest in this beautiful folding knife will treat themselves to the luxury of using it day-to-day, because it is a utility knife, albeit an exclusive one. The blade in stainless laminate powder steel keeps an edge well, and the whole knife feels robust and well-made. The thrill of the exceptionally lovely mother-of-pearl mosaic will be difficult to get over!


    • Steel: 3G.

    • Hardness (HRC): 62 HRC.

    • Edge: Flat Ground.

    • Handle material: Mother Pearl

    • Weight: 94gr.

      • Blade length (mm): 67 mm

      • Blade thickness (mm): 3 mm

      • Total length (mm): 158 mm

      • Total length, folded (mm): 91 mm

      • Locking: Lock Back

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