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Fällkniven GPs



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It’s crazy beautiful about real stag for handle material, but it’s also very hard to get enough many nice looking pieces, which also are legitimate to buy and manufacture. This staghorn comes from a legal source of Sambar deer stag. Staghorn, as everyone knows, is a natural material that moves – it shrinks and swells due to humidity. In addition, when horn ages, it shrinks slightly, and there is not much to do about it. This means that small stress cracks around bolts and ends are already visible on the folding knives or will occur later on. This is not covered by any guarantee! This means that you can always return a knife and request the money back (for the knife) but it cannot be warranty repaired or replaced by another sample. Or as they state on an auction – sold in the existing condition! If you already know the characteristics of the horn, you can look forward to a really nice sample with well-matched staghorn sides, AAA quality in terms of patterns. Unfortunately, we could not mount the traditional bracket, it simply didn’t fit on this special.


    • Steel: Lam.CoS

    • Hardness (HRC): 60 HRC.

    • Edge: Flat Ground.

    • Handle material: Stag

    • Weight: 102gr.

      • Blade length (mm): 78 mm

      • Blade thickness (mm): 3 mm

      • Total length (mm): 180 mm

      • Total length, folded (mm): 100 mm

      • Locking: Liner Lock

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