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Honoring the Animal: The Complete Hunting Process

June 10, 2024

By Pretot.Photo: @pretothunting

We love to do our hunts on our own, from the beginning to the end.



And trophy preparation, along with cooking, is the last step of the process. We skin them, boil them, clean them, bleach them, degrease them, trace them, cut them and glue them on home made roof plate tiles cut to shape to underline the profession of the family for the 3rd generation.



It is a pretty solemn process where you spend a lot of time recalling the story of the taken animal.


Each of them who have teeth, horns or antlers will find a special spot on a wall or in a display to be remembered by all, after death. The connection we create with the animal all along the hunting process is beautiful and at the same time a bit paradoxical for those who never practiced. But once you do it, you understand it all.