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Hunt Driven Friends

April 19, 2023

by Stefaan Rothier @stefaan.rotthier | Photos: @jonasoutside

I can’t count the number of times that I have sworn off driven hunting. Long hours on a stand without seeing something, standing in the cold and rain even though that’s not really a problem for me anymore the last few years due to some crazy good gear. I have to say I’m more like a walk and stalk kind of hunter. Actively chasing my pray, trying to outsmart and harvest it. But honestly, I’m also a very social hunter so after some weeks of solitude I also miss sharing these moments with friends. And not just by sharing this on social media but really by hunting together.

Driven hunts are the ultimate method to share hunting with friends. Belgium, like a lot of countries in Europe, is not different. Driven hunting is a really popular method and needed to regulate the game species. Certainly the wild boars are plenty and every hunter craves at boars passing their stand in multiple numbers. Dogs barking, beaters walking around and shouting their voices out every time they see the mysterious forest animals.

Besides sharing my hunts on social media, sharing these moments in real time with people I met on social media is what I like a lot. Getting to know new people that share the same passion leads to the best learning and gratifying experiences. This time a friend from Denmark joined me and my friends on a weekend of hunting. @jonasoutside is a hunter with a lot of load. Not only for his vision on hunting but also his photography is so inspiring. I can say that we had an incredible time. Wild boars were everywhere and I was lucky to harvest one. It could have been even better if Jonas had been able to shoot one, but hunting is not an exact science.

He wasn’t disappointed due to some great evenings drinking a beer and sharing our adventures of the day, we even did a great BBQ in between hunts with self-made red stag burgers. Absolutely delicious, prepared by Sander @c_venatore_s.

All together we experience these moments full of excitement, family, joy, respect for nature and self-development to grow and become Hunt Driven Friends.” @stefaan.rothier