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Norway the true paradise

October 03, 2023

Photo: @espensoereng

Suldal municipality in Norway is a true paradise for hunting enthusiasts, and among the most popular game in the area is wild reindeer, or "villrein" in Norwegian. Each year, hunters from all over the area gather in the mountains of Suldal to pursue these majestic animals and experience the thrill of the hunt.

I had the pleasure of joining a hunting party in the Dyraheiå area of Suldal, and although we came home empty-handed, we had an unforgettable time filled with good weather, great company, and beautiful scenery.

The hunting season for reindeer in Suldal typically starts in late august and lasts until the end of september. This year, however, the season was met with some unexpected challenges. The weather was unseasonably warm, with temperatures reaching as high as 25 degrees Celsius. This made it difficult for the hunters to track the reindeer, as they tend to seek shelter in the shade during hot weather.

Despite these setbacks, the hunting party was in high spirits and determined to make the most of the trip. We spent the days exploring the beautiful wilderness of Suldal, taking in the stunning views of the mountains and valleys. We also had the opportunity to fish for trout in the nearby rivers and lakes, which provided a welcome break from the hunt and beautiful dinners.


In the evenings, we would return to the hunting cabin, where we would share stories and enjoy a hearty meal together. The cabin, which is located deep in the mountains, is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day in the wilderness. We also spent late nights playing cards, singing, and having a good time with good friends.


Overall, the hunting trip to Suldal may not have been successful in terms of bringing home any reindeer, but it was an unforgettable experience filled with good memories. The warm weather, good company, and beautiful scenery made it a trip to remember. Even though we did not get any reindeer, it was a great opportunity to bond with friends, and enjoy nature. Suldal is truly a hunter's paradise, and I look forward to returning in the future for another adventure in the mountains.