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Now, we’ve brought all our expertise to a whole new range. GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ product technologies are designed for drier conditions, when you don’t need

guaranteed waterproof protection. Perfect for hunting on days with blue or cloudy skies but without the risk of heavy precipitation. A versatile range of benefits offers

comfort & protection against wind, cold, and other weather conditions.

How it Works :

Created using an ultra-thin protective layer laminated to a lightweight textile, GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® products are totally windproof. Although textiles

such as microfibers, closely woven fabrics and many fleece materials are often termed windproof, even light winds can penetrate most of these fabrics, making you

feel chilled and uncomfortable. By Gore’s standards, a fabric can only be considered truly windproof if its air permeability is 1.0 cfm (< 5 l/m2/s) or less. It’s a standard

that our products easily meet. The membrane technology in GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® products has billions of pores that are 900 times larger than water

vapor molecules, so even though wind can’t get in, moisture from sweat vapor can easily get out.

In addition to the GORE® membrane technology, a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment is applied to most of these products. This penetrates a jacket’s outer

fibers, lowering the surface tension so that water beads up and rolls off. That means less water accumulation, resulting in less wind chill, and less extra weight.

Choose GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® insulated garments for an extra layer of protection from the cold, so you can stay active even in the colder months.


When wind gets inside your clothes, you feel cold. From wild winds on a walk around your hunting area to a blustery hunting day ride up your favorite mountain, our totally

windproof jackets, beanies, and gloves completely block the wind so you stay protected—and comfortable.


The harder you work, the more you sweat. From carrying the harvested meat, backpacking all the equipment for your flycamp, to climbing the steepest mountain

or early morning runs.—you need to stay comfortable. With breathable clothing  made with our product technologies, where moisture vapor from sweat can escape.

Water Resistant:

From snow falls as you ascend the mountain to light rains as you chase your bull, water-resistant jackets and water-resistant pants made with our product

technologies are there to rely on when you need weather protection and comfort.


Whether you’re kick-stepping up snow trails, or spending your patience while you wait for that big boar, our product technologies can be found in insulated jackets,

bibs, beanies and gloves. They keep you comfortable and protected, so you can stay out longer, in more comfort.


Lightweight jackets and pants made with our product technologies offer you best possible protection and comfort with the least possible weight. Whether you’re trying

to beat your personal best on a 3000-foot ascent, or squeezing to a huge bull, our lightweight  clothing can be relied on whenever you need it.


Rough sandstone, thorny bushes , waist-deep powder: sometimes, you need durable clothing that stands up to any situation. Rugged jackets and pants made with our

product technologies can be relied on when the going gets tough.


When you put on your heavy backpack or pull the string on your bow. The elastic fabrics combined with this technology allow you to move freely.