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Rut Season Essentials

What you need to know

The selection for the “Rut Season Essentials” kit is focused on when species such as the deer and the fallow deer are on heat, the months of September and October

in different European regions.

Rut Season hunting of other species, such as the chamois or the ibex in European mountains, the roe deer at the end of summer or other species outside the

European sphere will be included in Mountain, Roe Deer and Expedition Essentials. 

We would like to remind you that the aim of this selection of products is to make the choice of products that comprise your kit easier for you.

To make the choice of products easier. Bowland has only included products that are 100% indicated to comprise your rut season hunt kit.

Other Sitka Gear products with similar characteristics, or a different Optifade, that aren’t included in this collection, could also be suitable for this style of hunt.

Even though we’ve tried to simplify things to the fullest, some garments included in this section perform the same function. That is, they would occupy the same

place in your kit. So you should choose between them. While taking the functionality of both items into account, we have tried to offer you only a single

option, the most recommended. However, in some cases due to their high suitability we have offered two. Although both products would be highly

recommendable for this activity, slight differences in their functions will allow you to choose the one which best fits your needs.

So that you don’t confuse the duplicated garments and the characteristics that can help you choose the one that fits your needs better:

Mountain Pant vs Apex Pant:

The Mountain pant gives better protection, is a little heavier and its fabric is therefore more resistant and long lasting. It is the perfect option for all those

whose hunting areas are in mountain regions in rutting season.

The Apex pant is lighter, more breathable and especially, more silent. Ideal for warmer and more wooded hunting zones.

Thunderhead Jacket and Pant vs Cloudburst Jacket and Pant:

The 100% waterproof Thunderhead set is the better choice for those who are looking for an extremely silent Gore-Tex layer.

The 100% waterproof Cloudburst set is more resistant, lighter and less bulky. The Gore-Tex layer is perfect for those who are also looking for elevated performance

in mountain hunts.

Kelvin Active Jacket vs Kelvin Lite Vest:

Even though we are dealing with a jacket over a vest, both have interior thermal insulation, thereby developing their full second layer potential. Each of these

garments separately, has enough thermal capacity to keep us well insulated during the months of September and October in most European regions. The combination

of the two, if necessary, not only gives us outstanding thermal insulation, but also exceptional lightness and manoeuvrability.

The Kelvin Active with Polartec Active is lighter, thinner and more breathable. Perfect for start of the season mornings for those who enjoy a more dynamic type

of hunt.

The Kelvin Lite Vest with interior Primaloft provides greater thermal insulation. For this reason it’s perfect for ends of season or to avoid getting cold while waiting for

this grand Bull.

Rut Season Diagram.

This diagram presents all the variables that we have taken into consideration to offer you this product selection.