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Waterfowl Essentials

What you need to know

Bowland’s waterfowl  hunt selection is focused on the migration and the hunt of these birds as they fly by. As is common with other hunting modalities, there are

different styles and ways of doing this activity. We have concentrated on hunts with decoys or concealment in which you wait for the birds to fly by.

To make the choice of products easier. Bowland has only included products that are 100% indicated to comprise your waterfowl hunt kit.

Other Sitka Gear products with similar characteristics, or a different Optifade, that aren’t included in this collection, could also be suitable for this type of hunt.

Even though we’ve tried to simplify things to the fullest, some garments included in this section perform the same function. That is, they would occupy the same

place in your kit. So you should choose between them. While taking the functionality of both items into account, we have tried to offer you only a single

option, the most recommended. However, in some cases due to their high suitability we have offered two. Although both products would be highly

recommendable for this activity, slight differences in their functions will allow you to choose the one which best fits your needs.

So that you don’t confuse the duplicated garments and the characteristics that can help you choose the one that fits your needs better:

Boreal Jacket and Bib vs Hudson Jacket and Bib:

Even though both are gear with an impermeable Gore-Tex membrane and similar characteristics, the main difference between these two articles is its thermal insulation level.

While the Boreal set offers a very high level of thermal insulation and is suitable for intensely cold Northern European latitudes, the Hudson set offers mid-level

insulation more suited to autumn or winter in Central and Southern Europe.

Waterfowl Hunt Diagram.

This diagram presents all the variables that we have taken into consideration to offer you this product selection.