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Fällkniven F1



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With this knife a new world standard has been achieved. The most important factors in the construction of a knife, such as technical design, ergonomics or weight are masterfully combined in F1. This has led him to become a worldwide reference. Elite bodies, like the pilots of the Swedish Air Force, use F1 as an official survival knife in their kits. And this knife meets and exceeds all international standards established in terms of resistance, personal safety.

The F1 represents a new philosophy regarding knives for survival use. It combines the experience of generations in the manufacture of knives, with the most modern technology. Practical size, unbeatable design and VG10 laminated steel of extraordinary performance, are just some of the many details that make this knife a tool to be trusted.

Its balanced proportions and pleasant grip make it a perfect knife for everyday use, even if it has really been designed to withstand the toughest jobs.

It is served with leather or Zytel leaf. While the leather version allows the knife to be stored safely and provides a more “aesthetic” finish to the whole, the Zytel Cover provides greater hygiene and practicality in professional use.

Options and Finishes:

    F1z: VG10Lam  Steel • Thermorun Handle • Zytel Sheath 

    F1L: VG10Lam Steel • Thermorun Handle • Leather Sheath

    F1bz: VG10Lam Steel • Black Coated • Thermorun Handle • Zytel Sheath

    F1bL: VG10Lam Steel • Black Coated • Thermorun Handle • Leather Sheath

    F1zCoS: CoSLam Steel • Thermorun Handle • Zytel Sheath

    F1LCoS: CoSLam Steel • Thermorun Handle • Leather Sheath

    F1z3G: 3G Steel • Thermorum Handle • Zytel Sheath

    F1L3G: 3G Steel • Thermorum Handle • Funda Cuero


    Key Features:
    • Steel: Lam. VG10; CoSLam; 3G

    • Stiffness of the blade: 59 to 62 HRC

    • Shape: Convex

    • Handle: Thermorun

    • Case: Zytel; Cuero

      • Peso: 153 gr.

      • Length blade: 97 mm

      • Thicknesses blade: 4,5 mm

      • Total Lenth: 210 mm

      • Finish: Black Coated; Satin Finish


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