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Fallkniven H1z



This is the first Fallkniven knife designed exclusively for hunting. For this they have been based on the traditional Swedish hunting knife. Centuries of use by the Scandinavian hunters, abalan the traditional design on which this knife has been built. For this reason the H1 lacks details such as the finger guard, unusual in Scandinavian-made knives. In return, Fallkniven has included an ergonomic Thermorun grip with a particularly rough texture that provides grip and handling safety. And it is that this knife has been designed for experienced hunters who need the benefits of a knife like this, while being able to handle it safely and reliably. For this same reason, it is only served with a Zytel cover. The hygiene and lightness that provide this type of covers supposes a great advantage in an intensive use. The H1 blade is made of VG10 steel. This steel of industrial origin has been used for many years by Fallkniven. As it has been demonstrated in the Mechanics Laboratories of the "Lulea University of Technology", this is one of the most resistant steels that exists today.

But it is the balance between the hardness, the quality and the duration of its sharpening, the virtue most appreciated by hunters. However, since October 2006, this knife is also offered in the famous 3G steel. A rolled steel powder, which is considered the best steel in the world. The virtuosity with which this knife has been created is such that Fallkniven dares to affirm that it is not an advisable tool for inexperienced hunters. That there would be more inconveniences than benefits, which they would find in their management.

Only in the hands of an experienced hunter, with clear knowledge of the spring and with the ability to manage precise cuts, is this knife demonstrating its full potential. Absolutely all aspects in the design of the handle and the blade have been taken care of to the maximum to achieve a 100% perfect finish for the spring.


Key features:
  • Steel: Lam. VG10

  • Stiffness of the blade: 59 HRC

  • Blade: Convexo

  • Handle: Thermorun

    • Case: Zytel

    • Weight: 181 gr.

    • Length Blade: 100 mm

    • Thickness Blade: 5 mm

    • Total Length: 210 mm

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