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Fallkniven NL5L Idun



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Do not be fooled by the appearance of this beautiful knife. Although it is true that its finishes and proportions give it a special elegance, Fallkniven has not created the Idun based on its aesthetics, if not its hardness and functionality.

The blade with 5mm thickness and reinforced spike in its back area, gives this knife an insurmountable hardness; The wide emptying of its convex-shaped blade makes it easy to make precise cuts; The sharp curvature of the edge allows this knife to rotate and slide easily into the animal's spring. Its tip, slightly inclined towards the edge, allows to open the skin of the animals without damaging the lower tissues; The rounded leather handle ensures an adequate grip while extraordinary handling and durability; Your steel handguard has perfect dimensions that increase safety if you reduce dexterity ...

Although all these aspects allow you to understand the nature of this knife, you must pay attention to another one, to understand its true potential: the construction of its blade in rolled VG10 steel. The technology used by Fallkniven in the creation of this sheet, allows to use a VG10 steel in its central part and a 420J2 stainless steel on the sides. In this way, while VG10 steel brings to the edge the fineness and hardness that characterizes Fallkniven blades; 420J2 stainless steel gives the blade assembly 20% greater torsional strength than a single VG10 blade.


Key Features:
  • Steel: Lam. VG10

  • Stiffness of the blade: 59 HRC

  • Blade: Convexo

  • Handle: Leather

  • Case: Leather.

    • Weight: 170 gr.

    • Length blade: 100 mm

    • Thickness blade: 5 mm

    • Total Length: 215 mm

    • Guard: Steel.

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