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Fallkniven NL3L Njord



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It is our pleasure to present one of the world’s most advanced hunting knives – NL5cx Idun, with a blade in Cowry X Damascus steel. This is probably the world’s best edge steel, all categories, and definitely one of the most exclusive blades ever made. The edge comprises a powder steel with the following extreme content: C 3%, Cr 20%, Mo 1%, V 0.3% and iron to 100%. Its hardness is no less than 64 HRC! The sides consist of stainless, 120-layer Damascus steel, and with the edge of powdered steel, we have formed a blade which in its beauty and strength is world class, no less. The knife is an excellent utility to all, but probably most customers will acquire it for its exclusive collectability.

The handle is made of specially selected ox leather: unfortunately a material that manufacturers often overlook, but that offers a secure and resistant grip. It ages beautifully and, as the years go by, acquires an attractive brown patina, which is not affected by oil or solvents and is impervious to water. Dryness can cause small cracks in the handle, but they disappear when the knife is reused. We persist with the convex edge, since Fallkniven considers this to be the best combination of cutting performance and edge resistance, and of course, the Idun NL5 blade presents this.

Anyone who knows something about the manufacture of knives knows that such an edge can only be done by hand, and that is why 99.99% of all knives do not have that type of edge. Knives in general, of course, are mass produced, where robots and CNC grinders (numerically controlled by computer) shape the blades as best they can. The machines are loaded with piles of sheets so that production can take place 24 hours a day and the result is often really good: good knives at reasonable prices. However, if you want superior blade resistance, corrosion resistance, edge durability and design, the machine that approximates the craftsmanship of a trained locksmith has not been invented. Therefore, we are proud to be able to present our Northern Light series, aware that only the most quality conscious will appreciate your assets.


Key features:
  • Steel: Cowry X

  • Stiffness blade: 64 HRC

  • Blade: Convexo

  • Handle: Leather

  • Case: Leather.

    • Weight: 188 gr.

    • Length blade: 100 mm

    • Thickness blade: 5 mm

    • Total length: 215 mm

    • Guard: Steel.

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