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Fallkniven PHKz



If the H1 model is the ideal knife for an experienced hunter, the Professional Hunter's Knife is the perfect work tool for the professional hunter. And the PHK is one of the best hunting knives in the world. In it, functionality, safety, hygiene and versatility come together masterfully.

The special design of its sheet (upsweep - droppoint), allows it to have the length and thickness necessary to withstand the toughest jobs, without this implying a decrease in its performance of landing. 3G laminated powder steel (VG2 - SGPS - VG2) offers a blade that is extremely resistant, while offering an edge of extraordinary quality and durability. The combination of the Thermorun handle with the steel handguard provides a secure and comfortable grip.

The pronounced curvature of its blade in combination with the wide emptying of its edge, give this knife a high capacity for cutting, turning and sliding in the animal spring. Its tip slightly tilted towards the edge, helps to penetrate and cut the skin easily and without damaging the animal's internal tissues. All this in a sheet of 126 mm in length and 5 mm thick, which provides great versatility and resistance when solving the toughest jobs a professional hunter can undertake.

Is there a better hunting knife? We honestly believe not.


Key features:
  • Steel: 3G

  • Stiffness blade: 62 HRC

  • Blade: Convexo

  • Handle: Thermorun

  • Case: Zytel

    • Weight: 199 gr.

    • Length blade: 126 mm

    • Thickness blade: 5 mm

    • Total lengh: 239 mm

    • Guard: Steel

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