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Fallkniven WM1



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More than half of the world's population is female, and yet the WM (WoMen) model is probably the first knife designed from scratch to fit a woman's hands and requirements.

The technical design of the blade, the safe and ergonomic grip, the edge with a tight curvature: everything breathes functionality. Clean lines are not an objective in themselves; It is rather the function that has governed the design of what has become a tool for daily use. The improved convex blade provides a profile that cuts and penetrates easily, while providing a sharp edge suitable for cutting.

The comfortable and ergonomic handle provides a good and safe grip even in wet or cold hands and allows full control of the edge position. The knife is also hygienic, as it is easy to clean. The very sharp blade occupies almost all the handle in width and its special high quality steel, provides great resistance to torsion, flexibility and durability of the edge. The corrosion-resistant lam.VG10 super steel is subjected to an extensive and advanced tempering process, partly to achieve high strength, partly for greater edge retention, qualities that make our knives highly sought after.

The knife is equipped with a zytel hygienic cover.

Options and Finishes:

    WM1z: VG10Lam Steel • Thermorun Handle • Zytel Sheath

      WM1L: VG10Lam Steel • Thermorun Handle • Leather Sheath

        WM1z3G: 3G Steel • Thermorun Handle • Zytel Sheath

          WM1L3G: 3G Steel • Thermorun Handle • Leather Sheath


          Key features:
          • Steel: Lam. VG10; 3G

          • Stiffness blade: 59 HRC

          • Blade: Convexo

          • Handle: Thermorun

          • Case: Zytel; Leather

            • Weight: 77 gr.

            • Length blade: 71 mm

            • Thickness blade: 3,5 mm

            • Total length: 175 mm

            • Finish: Satin.

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