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Fällkniven MB 10



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We have the pleasure of presenting our new cutlass, a Modern Bowie. It’s about the world’s strongest, sharpest, safest bowie with a very powerful blade in our famous laminated cobalt steel. The knife comes with a very well-dressed sheath in black leather and in an execution that makes it fit well on the belt whether you’re standing or sitting.

DC4*: Only MB Option.

waterproof box**: Only MB Option.

Options and Finishes:

    MB: CoSLam Stell • Thermorun Handle • Leather Sheath • Waterproof Box • DC4 Sharper.

      MB: CoSLam Stell • Thermorun Handle • Leather Sheath


        Key Features:
        • Steel: CoSLam

        • Stiffness of the blade: 60 HRC

        • Shape: Convex

        • Handle: Thermorun

        • Sheath:Leather

          • Weight: 565 gr.

          • Length blade: 254 mm

          • Thicknesses blade: 7,41 mm

          • Total Lenth: 387 mm

          • Finger Guard: Stainless Steel

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