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Season Essentials


Choose your perfect hunting Equipment!!!!!!

Sometimes even this apparently simple task turns into an authentic brainteaser. It would be much easier if your suitcase or hunting backpack were bottomless ....

but, as you know, carrying too much is always a drag.

For this reason, in Bowland we want to help you find your perfect hunting kit. Perfect??? Yes!!! For Bowland a kit is a kit when we manage that the least

possible number of garments satisfactorily covers the majority of your hunting experiences.

How are we going to do that? Easy! We’ll show you when you visit us in our showroom in Madrid.

First we ask you, “What do you do?” It’s really important to listen to you and understand what and how often you usually hunt, so that we can find a garment

or kit for you that you can use in most of your hunts.

Then we ask, “Where?” and “When?” Knowing where you’re going to hunt or when you’re going on your “super” hunting trip helps us to get an idea of the

climate, the temperature range, and the activity level ... And if it’s necessary to add any other garment as a safeguard to your basic kit.

Hence, we have created a selection of 7 hunts which cover all of the most common hunting modalities, species, and destinations of European hunters.

Each one includes a short descriptive diagram which sums up the most important characteristics and factors that you need to keep in mind to get your kit right.

Last of all, we’ll propose a selection of “essential” garments that we’re sure will give the best possible benefits and efficiency to your selected hunting trip.

Some of you, the most fortunate, will think, “I have a problem. I can’t identify with any of these specific hunts because throughout the year I do two, three, five or

even the seven of them!”

Well then, “Congratulations!” But this isn’t a problem, you only have to select the garments that are common to all your hunting trips and you have your ideal kit!

We hope that this tool will be useful for you and that you’ll enjoy yourself selecting your “PERFECT EQUIPMENT”. But remember, if you have any doubts or need any help,

we’re always at your disposal at or +34 653 155 221.